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About Crumb's Cranium

My goal in developing this software was to provide an organized structure for an appointment coordinator to easily follow when scheduling the most common dental emergencies over the telephone. In managing dental emergencies, gathering accurate and comprehensive information during the initial telephone conversation with the patient is critical to the treatment process. Any errors or omissions in this information will most likely result in ineffective scheduling, increased in-office stress and less than desirable patient care. Crumb's Cranium will sort relevant information into logical categories and assist in the scheduling process. Basically, the software "thinks" like I do.

Of course, diagnosis of dental pathology and determination of necessary treatment can only be done by licensed dentists after a comprehensive examination, appropriate radiographs and other clinical tests. In developing this software I made a concerted effort to simplify the telephone question and answer process so that a staff person with limited dental experience and knowledge can ask thoughtful questions and arrive at reasonable estimates of dental treatment needs and appropriate scheduling times. This software promises to be an excellent training tool for appointment coordinators. I am confident that Crumb's Cranium will make scheduling "emergencies" in your office much less frustrating, resulting in increased productivity and less stress in your office.