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  1. Do I have to follow the scheduling times exactly as Crumb’s Cranium recommends?
  2. Absolutely not. The scheduling suggestions in Crumb’s Cranium will work well in many offices but each office should discuss their own time preferences for appointment scheduling and adjust accordingly.
  1. Our office runs on 15-minute intervals for scheduling, not 10 minute time units as in Crumb’s Cranium. Is this a big problem?
  2. No. I would suggest that you discuss the ideal scheduling time for the various procedures and adjust the scheduling recommendations to fit your office. Most practice management advisors seem to agree that 10-minute intervals result in more efficient scheduling but that advice may not be best for all practices.
  1. How much attention should I pay to the Priority recommendations that appear when scheduling?
  2. The Priority reminders in Crumb’s Cranium are meant as an aid to scheduling. Every office has variations in their scheduling preferences. Usually if a P1 alert is given, you will want to see that patient the same day if possible.